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A Natural Treat

For All Omnivores & Herbivores

Made from 100% natural dried macroalgae, Seaweed Salad is an excellent source of vegetable protein, vitamins, amino acids, and natural pigments. Your herbivorous fish will also digest it much more completely than foods derived from terrestrial vegetables, like lettuce.

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Product Features

  • Entices finicky eaters
  • All natural
  • No fillers
  • No additives
  • Excellent supplement or treat
  • Promotes proper growth and supports color

Freshwater Fish: African Cichlids, Silver Dollars, Bala Sharks, Plecos, Goldfish and others.

Saltwater Fish: Tangs,  Angels, Damsels, Pygmy Angels, Clownfish and others.

Tear or cut off a piece of Sally’s Seaweed Salad approximately 3 inches by 3 inches (for an average stocked 30 gallon aquarium) using a vegetable clip, place inside your aquarium in an area easily accessible for your fish. Your fish will graze at their leisure. Remove all uneaten seaweed after 6-8 hours.


15g, 30g


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