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Sera Marin COMPONENT 1 Ca

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Contains important calcium for the skeleton build-up of corals and other invertebrates. 

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Ideal calcium levels are between 400 and 450 mg/l (ppm). Use the sera Ca-Test kit to conveniently check the calcium level.

Combined application provided, sera marin 1 and 2 are balanced according to the optimal pH value in marine water and stabilize the natural buffer system in reef aquariums.

Recommended dosage

Use the cap as a measure.
Dose one capful each of sera marin 1 and 2 for every 26.4 US gal. (100 liters) of saltwater into the aquarium, wait 2 – 3 minutes between dosages. Do not raise the Ca level by more than 20 mg/l (ppm) per day.


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