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Seachem – CupriSorb

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Item#:205 – 100ml bagged

Item#:203 – 500ml

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CupriSorb is a powerful adsorbent of copper and heavy metals. CupriSorb¬† will remove copper more rapidly and efficiently than carbon and is thus ideal for emergency copper removal. It extracts all types of copper, including chelated copper, and remains effective until it turns a deep blue-black color. It may be regenerated repeatedly. If placed in continuous use, it will gradually extract even precipitated copper from the gravel/substrate bed as well. CupriSorb will allow maintenance of invertebrates in copper-treated tanks by removing copper leaching from substrates. CupriSorb™ is a powerful copper specific chelating resin. Competing products are not chelating products, but merely cation exchange resins. Such resins can remove copper from freshwater but are ineffective in saltwater.



100ml bagged, 500ml


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