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Reef Nutrition – Roti Feast

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  • Millions of fully intact marine rotifers with millions of eggs 
  • Excellent feed for non photo-synthetic corals, sea fans, anemones, anthias and chromis 
  • Promotes superior color, vitality and growth-rates 
  • Grown and enriched (gut-loaded) with Instant Algae® and Phyto-Feast® for an optimum nutritional profile. 
  • Diverse nutritional profile including carotenoids, sterols, omega-3’s & omega-6, and essential amino acids 
  • Fully Intact Rotifers — no leaking nutrients and full bioavailability 
  • Non Clumping —size appropriate for reef organisms 
  • Optimal digestibility, size, nutritional profile (when enriched) and almost universal acceptability by marine organisms.
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Contains millions of fully intact Brachionus plicatilis marine rotifers eggs.

For superior color, vitality and growth-rates, Roti-Feast is a highly nutritious plankton feed perfect for hardcorals, larval fish, and other reef carnivores that feed on small zooplankton. Rotifers are a critical feed used in marine fish and invertebrate hatcheries around the world.

Weight 6 lbs
Reef Nutrition - Roti Feast

6 oz., 16 oz., 32 oz.


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