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Seachem – Phosbond

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Rapidly removes phosphate & silicate
Ferric oxide coated aluminum oxide phosphate adsorber
High porosity and surface area give it a large binding capacity

20L Size available upon request

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Overview PhosBond™ is a revolutionary new product that combines the phosphate removing capabilities of both aluminum oxide and granular ferric oxide into a singular material forming a synergistic effect. It rapidly removes phosphates and silicates from saltwater and freshwater, combining the best of both types of phosphate removers. Its high porosity and surface area give it a large binding capacity, while its physical strength and integrity assures that it will not break down from mechanical stress. Sizes: 20kg, 250ml, 100ml (bagged)

Item #:1260 – 100ml BAGGED

Item#:1261 – 250ml

Item #:1262 – 500ml


100 ml BAG, 250ml, 500ml, 20L


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