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ME Coral 5 Minor Elements are high quality supplements designed for the advanced reefer.  These Ions are depleted in our modern day aquarium making supplementation important for enhanced coloration and growth.  The 5 Pack kit comes complete with proper maintenance dosing instructions to make it easy to maintain appropriate seawater levels.  Let your corals reach their peak potential with ME Ions.

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5 Bottle Combo Pack
2 oz concentrate bottles with dropper. Includes the following additives:

Potassium [K]

Maintaining proper Potassium (K) can enhance coral coloration especially blues, and purples in SPS corals.  Natural Seawater is 390-400 ppm of K.   Aquarium target levels are 390-425 ppm.  Use a quality test kit to measure depletion.   Potassium is most effective when Ca, Kh, and Mg are maintained at appropriate target levels (Best done with ME Coral:  Ca, Kh, Mg).  ME uses the highest quality raw material, pharmaceutical grade.  This reduces undesirable impurities that may exist in lower grades.   ME also uses both K Chloride and K Sulfate to maintain balanced seawater levels of chloride to sulfate.

Ingredients: Reverse Osmosis/DI Water,  Potassium chloride,  Potassium Sulfate

Concentration:  150,000 mg/L

Maintenance Dose – use 4-6 drops in a 100 L (26 gl) system one to two times per week.  Maintain level of 400-420 ppm.  Test appropriately.

Strontium [Sr]

ME Strontium concentrate is a pharma grade highly concentrated easy to add additive.  Strontium has been shown to be instrumental in the building of calcium carbonate structure as well as enhancing skeletal strength in coral.  Natural seawater levels are 8 ppm.  The advanced reefer should try to maintain seawater levels.  Depleted levels could affect proper coral development.  Aquarium inhabitants including both soft and SPS coral utilize and consume strontium to grow.  Making it important to replenish that consumption.  Test often.

Ingredients:  Reverse Osmosis/DI water,  Strontium Chloride

Concentration: 50,000 mg/l

Maintenance Dose:  3-5 drops in a 100 L (26gl) system 1 to 2 times per week.

Bromide [Br]

ME Bromide concentrate is a blend of  pharmaceutical grade Bromide.  It is a minor element in natural seawater at 65 ppm.  Maintaining Bromide at appropriate levels is very beneficial for coral coloration and growth, protein synthesis, and skeletal development.  Bromide becomes depleted in Modern aquariums due to consumption by corals and algae, skimming, and other filtration.  Adding ME Bromide will assist advanced reefers in maintaining desired levels needed for optimal coral enhancement.

Ingredients: Reverse Osmosis/DI water,  Sodium Bromide,  Potassium Bromide

Concentration:  100,000 mg/L

Maintenance Dose: 3-5 drops in a 100 L (26 gl) system; one to two times per week

Iodine [I]

Iodine is used by Fish, Soft and Hard Coral, and Algae to grow. Iodine depletes quickly in modern aquariums and needs to be replenished for optimal coral coloration.  Iodine enhances Blue and Purple colors in SPS coral.  Iodine also helps coral tissue from strong UV lighting, and other adverse affects due to Iodine antibiotic properties.  Seawater levels are .06 ppm.  Test appropriately.

Ingredients:  Reverse Osmosis/DI Water, Potassium Iodine

Concentration10,000 mg/L

Maintenance Dose:  3-4 drops in a 100 L (26 gl) system one or two times per week

Fluoride [F]

F is a minor element in seawater utilized by corals and other tank inhabitants.  Depletion can slow growth and coloration in corals.  Fluoride is instrumental in coral calcification and calcium carbonate development.  F also aids in Zooxanthellae coloration.  Maintain seawater levels of 1.3 ppm.  Test appropriately

Ingredients:  Reverse Osmosis/DI Water,  Sodium fluoride,  Potassium fluoride

Concentration 25,000 ppm

Maintenance Dose: 2-4 drops in a 100 L (26 gl) system one to two times per week


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