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Magfloat-Labs – PH-EASE INCREASE

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pH-Ease increase is a blended formula of several ingredients in deionized water. To insure the continued health and safety of the fish, the adjustment should be no more than 0.5 degree of pH change in a 24 hour period. As with all pH adjusting products, the alkalinity level (water hardness), should be adjusted to a normal range of 100-200 ppm (parts per million) before any effective and stable pH adjustment can be made.

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  • Two of the seven ingredients act as buffer effectiveness and suppressing the pH-bounce, while increasing pH gently.
  • Other ingredients of electrolytes to help maintain osmotic balance, and necessary for normal functioning of nerves, muscles, and related activities.
  • One ingredient for skin protection and stress reduction.
  • One ingredient for ingredient stability.

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pH-Ease Increase

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