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Magfloat Labs – DECHLOR-EASE

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Dechlorinate your water with the most effective concentrate of dechlorinator and detoxifier. A treatment with Dechlor-Ease helps insure good water conditions for tank set-ups. Regular partial water changes with good water preparation, proper precautionary measures and successful treatments, free you of your major fish loss problems.

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  • Dechlor-Ease is a concentrated, maximum-powered dechlorinator and water conditioner.
  • It will instantly neutralize chlorine, chloramine and toxic heavy metals.
  • One ounce dechlorinates up to 4ppm chlorine/chloramine in 180 gallons of freshwater!
  • Its double slime-coat protection alleviates environmental stress and deters ammonia burn.
  • Excellent for use with chloramine! Does not “scavenge” oxygen like other dechlorinators.
  • Changes the free ammonia (the deadly part) to ammonium chloride, which then acts as a food for nitrifying bacteria!
  • Contains Aloe Vera.

Available sizes:

1oz. #18551,

4oz. #18554

8oz #18558

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1oz, 4oz, 8oz, 16oz, 1Gallon


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