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Sera – Koi Professional Summer Food 7014,7018

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For an extra energy portion at temperatures above 17°C (63°F)

Product # 07014 – 1.1lb

Product #

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Summer is growth time for Koi and other pond fish. Plenty of energy is required for this, which is obtained from high quality food.

Sera KOI Professional Summer Food provides a balanced protein/fat ratio. Strong and healthy growth and optimal energy supply are the result.

The unique sera process of co-extrusion allows combining differently treated ingredients. The ring contains high quality proteins and fats according to the natural nutrition spectrum of the fish for optimal digestibility. The core consists, among others, of essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements for healthy growth and a strong immune system.

Weight 1.1 lbs
Koi Professional Summer Food

1.1 lb, 15.4 lb


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