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ISTA – Five in One Maintain Kit (Box Packaging) – 00086

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Five essential tools for neat tanks! Unsinkable, easy assembling!

Product # 86

1.Rubber Scraper
4.Water Vacuum Cleaner (no-gravel tank)
5. Siphon Cleaner

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Maintaining an aquarium is so easy, all the necessary tools are here to clean your tank:

●Siphon: Ideal for cleaning gravel without losing the gravel. Suitable for any kinds of gravel.
●Water Vacuum Cleaner: Scraper with water vacuum design, easy in scraping the algae and drawing out of the wall. Especially for the algae on the bottom of the no gravel tank.
●Patented two-way valve, following the narrow of the valve to draw out of the water and fill up your aquarium with ease, with one tube.
●Scraper: Effectively removes algae from your aquarium, stainless blade is interchangeable and rust resistant.
●Scrubber: Good quality of scrubber won’t scratch glass.
●Rubber Scraper: Easy to remove the water from surface and makes the tank clean, no more water blot! Clean and polish your aquarium with ease.
●Extendable Cleaning rod with interchangeable attachment, ergonomic grip for slip resistant and comfortable use.
●Flexible connection provides different angles for perfect operation.

Caution: The Blade is dangerous, Keep out of reach of children.



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