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Hikari – Saki-Hikari Turtle

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Saki-Hikari® is synonymous with the world’s highest quality and most efficient ornamental fish foods. Now your aquatic turtles can enjoy the same benefits koi, cichlid and goldfish keepers have come to love! The highly balanced nutrients and inclusion of the Hikari Germ support intestinal flora and immune system health.

  • Floating Food

  • Daily Diet

  • Probiotics

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Nutrition Specifically For Your Turtle

  • Calcium supports development of outer shell
  • Vitamin D3 improves calcium absorption
  • Natural ingredients help reduce odor

Includes the Hikari Germ

  • A probiotic that supports intestinal flora while helping decompose waste
  • Can help improve water quality when used exclusively and as directed

1.59oz., 7.05oz., 20oz.


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