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Hikari – Betta Ultimate

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The World’s Most Easy To Use Water Conditioner For Bettas

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Betta Ultimate offers an easy-to-use dispenser and treats 16 ounces of water with just one drop. The product cannot be overdosed and residual product in the water will remove ammonia put there by your betta. Give your betta the best environment possible using Betta Ultimate’s patented technology and ordinary tap water!


Destroys Chloramines
Eliminates Ammonia
Eliminates Chlorine
Detoxifies Nitrite
Detoxifies Heavy Metals (including copper)
Replaces Missing Skin Slime Selectively (only where missing)
Adds Essential Electrolytes For Good Health
Buffers The Water (boosts alkalinity)
Reduces Stress
Instantly “Ages” Your Betta’s Water
Cannot Be Overdosed
Gives Your Betta Their Best Chance At A Healthy Environment


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