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Aquaforest ZeoMix

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Multifunctional Zeolite filtration media for Ultra Low Nutrient Systems.

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Specially selected blend of zeolite media particularly recommended in tanks with plentiful livestock and/or used with Ultra Low Nutrient Systems (ULNS). Due to carefully designed composition, Zeo Mix is a comprehensive, multifunctional filtration media. Zeo Mix perfectly absorbs ammonia and ammonium ions in the initial phase thus inhibiting the increase of nitrate concentrations. In addition, it bonds phenols and heavy metals. Zeo Mix is especially recommended to demanding marine tanks.

Zeo Mix does not lower the potassium level in the water.



Add 500g of ZEOmix for every 100 L of tank water to a fluidized reactor designed to hold zeolites.

Replace ZEOmix once every 6 weeks.

Aquaforest ZeoMix

1L, 5L


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