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Aquaforest Reef Mineral Salt

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Dry Trace Elements Supplement to enhance color using the balling method



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Aquaforest Reef Mineral Salt is a specific blend of trace elements to use in conjuction with the balling method.  Trace elements in any reef aquarium are a very important aspect of water chemistry but they can be very hard to keep track of and test for. Aquaforest Reef Mineral Salt is a balanced blend of minerals that are required for corals to grow and gain color. Reef Mineral salt should be used in conjunction with Calcium Dry, KH Buffer Dry, and Magnesium Dry to help maintain ion stability.


To make a solution add 25 g of Reef Mineral Salt with 1000 mL of RODI water. Mix vigorously and let sit for 24 hours before use.

The amount to dose will equal the amount of Aquaforest Calcium Dry required to maintain levels. Reef Mineral Salt should be used at a 1:1 ratio with the calcium intake of the aquarium. If you need to dose 25 ml of Calcium Dry Solution per day, then you would need to dose 25 ml of Reef Mineral Salt solution daily too.

Aquaforest Reef Mineral Salt

800mg, 5000mg


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