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Aquacultured Hawaiian Red OGO Gracilaria

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Red Gracilaria Algae is a reddish transparent algae that is a natural food source for all herbivorous fish.

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This live food will provide the proper nutrition for many species of plant eating marine fish. Your tangs and angels will go crazy over this algae. This feeding algae is in small 1-4″ pieces that may be placed directly in the aquarium fed in a similar fashion to flake foods. Gracilaria algae may also be grown in the invertebrate or reef aquarium as long as the algae is not disturbed by fish or invertebrates. Anchor the algae between the rockwork of the aquarium, and the algae will take root and start to grow if it is given proper lighting and water conditions. Provide moderate flow and lighting with the supplement of Iron, Magnesium and Trace elements. High levels of phosphates or nitrates will inhibit the growth of these algae

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