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Aquael – Shrimp Set 30 cabinet (black)

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38110 (122038)

31x31x111 cm

For the shrimp set 30


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Product description 

Aquael – Shrimp Set 30 gallon cabinet
Aquarium Table 31x31x111 cm

The AQUAEL Shrimp Aquarium Table in Black is the perfect piece of furniture for any shrimp enthusiast. Measuring 31x31x111 cm, this stylish table provides ample room for a beautiful shrimp aquarium, which is sure to be a stunning centerpiece in any room. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the table is designed to provide a comfortable and safe environment for your shrimp. Its high-quality materials ensure long-lasting durability, while its compact size allows for easy placement in any space. Whether you’re a seasoned aquarium owner or just starting out, the AQUAEL Shrimp Aquarium Table is a must-have for any home. So why wait? Get yours today and create an aquatic paradise in the heart of your home!

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