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Willow’s Reef – Coral Feast

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Coral Feast

Coral Feast was formulated to help promote the best color and growth of your corals. It is made with 100% natural ingredients with no fillers

Product # 80549 – 4oz/30g

Product # 80548 – 60g/8oz


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Coral Feast was formulated to help promote the best color and growth of your corals.

Coral Feast is 9 all natural,  all aquatics  ingredients we take great everts to make sure its as fresh as posable.

Coral Feast is also  milled in a FDA certified factory and is milled  and sifted with a 300 micron screen leaving a  300-500 micron particle size making this ideal for all  NPS, LPS and SPS even sponges and clams  it is small enough to aid in the digestion so they absorb as much nutrients as posable also making them poop less .

The milling removes  all of the impurities making  it cleaner then any other coral food. For  best results add a high quality amino acid like  Amino feast+  and a probiotic to the container  and mix thoroughly. We also recommend adding Coral Feast as an ingredient when you feed frozen food  as it  boosts the over all nutrition and helps with apatite in picky fish Coral Feast It is made with 100% all natural  all aquatic  ingredients , no fillers of  ANY kind like corn starch, flours, yeasts, fish Protein powder, Garlic powder or anything bio enhanced.

in my opinion these do not need to be added it may cast more to produce  but. when i decided to make a  coral food i was not willing to take any short cuts. Coral Feast was made with what i would want to add into MY  tank. i made Coral Feast for YOUR corals not me or for  profits you spend 100s to 1000s  on your aquarium with lights, skimmers , dosing units , pumps, and of course coral and fish why not feed them the best.


Whole Krill
Freeze Dried Rotifers,
Arctic Copepods,
Whole Brine Shrimp ,
Apocalypse Royi,
Spirulina Powder,
Porphyra umbilicalis,
Palmaria palmata,
Ulva lactuca
Crude Protein 55.3%
Crude Fat 15.5%
Crude fiber 8.28%
Crude lipid 12% min
Moisture 7.95%
ash 9.58%


30g/4oz, 60g/8oz