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Sicce PSK 1000 Replacement Skimmer Pump

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  • PSK: PSK pumps are designed to run with maximum efficiency, low heat, and reliability to produce pumps that are beyond comparison. The pump is designed specifically for protein skimmer applications.
  • FINE BUBBLES: This skimmer pump features a unique OEM impeller that uses pin needles in the creation of air bubbles. Optimized hydraulic and water to airflow mix or the intake and pre-chamber design.
  • PRODUCT DETAILS: The Syncra PSK is designed to be the heart of your protein skimmer. It is completely silent and features tool-free maintenance.
  • LONG TERM USE: At Sicce we expect the traditional use of the PSK Pump to last for 5 years with regular maintenance and care without a drop in performance when you register your pump online.
  • SICCE has been present in the aquarium and gardening market for over 40 years, becoming a point of reference recognized worldwide for versatile, high-quality products.