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Sera scraper spare parts (acrylic)

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  • 1 plastic blade for acrylic
  • 2 sponges for soft films

Product # 44502

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The glass cleaners sera scraper XL and XXL allow quick and thorough removal of algae and other dirt on the aquarium glass. Each set contains three different tools that are easy to change – one stainless steel blade for glass, one plastic blade for acryl glass, and a sponge for soft layers – for cleaning the inside aquarium glass appropriately and very gently. Even persistent algae can be removed without effort.

sera scrapers are available in two versions:
XL:   300 mm (12 in.) long
XXL: 600 – 900 mm (23.6 – 35.4 in.) long, including a short handle

Product nameSAP-Mat.-Label Content Item no.SAP-Mat.-Number
sera scraper spare parts, Set 2

Scraper Ersatzteile Set 2 D/US/F

1 pc. 3208644502