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Sera San Nature – Color Flakes (freshwater)

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Color food consisting of flakes with 10% Krill for natural color development

Product # 45287 – 100ml

Product # 45293 – 250ml

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sera San Nature is the color food without dyes and preservatives for all ornamental fish eating at the water surface.

Color development is enhanced exclusively by the natural ingredients such as Haematococcus algae rich in astaxanthin and Krill.

At the same time, they also enhance acceptancy, liveliness and readiness to spawn of the ornamental fish. The flakes keep their shape for a long time, and do not cloud the water.

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Natural ornamental fish diet

This product belongs to the “sera Nature” product range, which does not require any dyes nor preservatives. A varied diet with ingredients close to nature is the best protection against deficiencies, and supports the health and liveliness of the fish. The Nature food types therefore contain natural ingredients such as Spirulina, Krill or sustainable insect meal from soldier fly larvae (Hermetia). The signets on the front side of the package highlight these ingredients and their amounts in the food.

Feeding recommendationFeed once or twice daily, only as much as the animals take up within a short time.

Product nameSAP-Mat.-Label Content Item no.SAP-Mat.-Number
sera San NatureSan Nature 100ml US 100 ml (22 g / 0.8 oz.) 3224145287
sera San NatureSan Nature 250ml US 250 ml (60 g / 2.1 oz.) 3224245293
sera San NatureSan Nature 1000ml US/F 1,000 ml (210 g / 7.4 oz.) 3224345297
sera San NatureSan Nature 10L 2kg D/US/F/NL/I/E/P/.. 10 l (2 kg / 4.4 lb.) 3228845379

100ml, 250ml, 1000ml