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Seachem – JurassiVite

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  • Provides 14 essential vitamins & 17 trace and ultra-trace minerals
  • Provides Vitamin A as beta carotene
  • Employs an alfalfa base for enhanced palatability and nutritive value

Product # 80250 – 100g/3.5oz

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JurassiVite is the only reptile/amphibian vitamin/mineral supplement that provides all 14 essential vitamins and 17 trace and ultra-trace minerals recommended by herpetelogical experts*. JurassiVite provides Vitamin A as beta carotene. This avoids risk of Vitamin A toxicity and allows the animal to produce Vitamin A as needed. Vitamins A, D3 and E are present in the recommended* ratio of 100:10:1.

Vitamin supplementation is often necessary to avoid ailments (such as anorexia, poor growth, ataxia, muscle tremors, bradycardia, blindness, osteomalacia, osteporosis and goiter) arising from dietary deficiencies.

JurassiVite employs an alfalfa base for enhanced palatability and nutritive value. Competing products use seaweed or yeast as a carrying agent, both of which are unnatural forage items for reptiles. They also fail to meet the proper Vitamin A to Vitamin D3 to Vitamin E ratio. Competing products also do not include essential vitamins and minerals; absence of such vitamins and minerals can lead to severe nutritional disorders that are difficult to diagnose.

*Mader, Reptile Medicine & Surgery, 1996.

Sizes: 50 g, 100 g