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Reptile Systems – Bird Systems ECO T5 UNIT

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  • Complete reptile T5 UVB system
  • For Ferguson Zone 1 animals
  • Includes bulb, reflector & starter
  • Free clips, connectors & link
  • Exceptional value for money

Product # 121022 – 12″ – 8w

Product # 121023 – 23″ – 24w

Product # 121026 – 35″ – 39w

Product # 121029 – 46.5″ – 54w

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The Eco T5 unit has been added to the range to provide quality lighting at an affordable price, giving everyone access to good UV lighting. This lightweight single lamo unit, with built in reflector, combines a Reptile Systems HOT5 lamp with a reliable, electronic, flicker-free ballast all in one convenient bundle.

It has 103o┬áremovable reflector to give powerful wide spread of light thanks to it’s uncoated, highly-reflective surface and offers some of the best results achievable for a unit of this type.

Reptile Systems lamps have been designed to replicate the profile of sunlight as closely as possible, to produce a full spectrum lamp with balanced amounts of UVA and UVB, whilst producing excellent natural colours. We recognised the need for good quality UV lighting, for reptiles to convert this to D3, through a series of chemical events. This process is self-regulating and is essential for reptiles to absorb calcium from their diet, eliminating the risk of metabolic bone disease.

The most modern and enlightened way to work out the UV requirements for you reptile is by using the Ferguson Zones. These zones are divided up into UV requirements and natural basking characteristics for chosen species.

The Eco T5 Unit comes with a free fixing kit, link cable, straight connectors and mains power lead, offering exceptional value for money whilst delivering excellent results.

Examples of Animals in Ferguson Zone 1
  • Crested gecko
  • Leopard gecko
  • Corn snake
  • Reticulated python
  • Red-eyed tree frog

12"/8w, 23"/24w, 35"/39w, 46.5"/54w