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Reef Pro – Nitrate

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Reef Pro Nitrate was designed to easily maintain a balance in the ref aquarium, simplifying reef keeping for all hobbyists. Made with pharmaceutical grade potassium nitrate, sodium nitrate. Ensuring the highest quality, purity and concentration, Nitrate serves a vital role in maintaining a balanced and healthy reef aquarium ecosystem. As a key nutrient, nitrate supports the growth of beneficial algae, which in turn provides food for various organisms within the reef, Additionally, nitrate promotes the growth of corals by facilitating the uptake of essential nutrients and aiding in the development of their skeletal structures. However, it’s important to maintain nitrate levels within a safe range, as excessive amounts can lead to algae overgrowth and compromise water quality. Regular testing and proper aquarium maintenance are essential to ensure nitrate levels remain optimal for the health and vitality of the reef inhabitants

 NITRATE CONCENTRATION RECOMMENDATIONS: For best coloration and health it is recommended to maintain nitrate concentrations between 5 ppm and 10 ppm.

REEF PRO NITRATE CONTAINS: Pharmaceutical grade potassium nitrate, sodium nitrate.


16oz, 32oz, 1Gal