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Reef Pro – Magnesium

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Reef Pro Magnesium was designed to easily maintain a balance in the reef aquarium, simplifying reef keeping for all hobbyists. Made with pharmaceutical grade magnesium chloride and magnesium sulfate. Ensuring the highest quality, purity and concentration Magnesium plays a crucial role in reef aquariums by helping to maintain table water parameters. It acts as a natural buffer against pH Fluctuations and helps regulate calcium and alkalinity levels which are essential for the growth of corals and other reef organisms. Additionally, magnesium promotes the formation of calcium carbonate skeleton corals and prevents the precipitation of calcium and carbonate ions, which can lead to the formation of harmful deposits. Overall, maintaining adequate magnesium levels is vital for the health and vitality of a reef aquarium ecosystem.

MAGNESIUM CONCENTRATION RECOMMENDATIONS: For best coloration and health it is recommended to maintain magnesium concentrations between 1320 ppm to 1380 ppm.

REEF PRO MAGNESIUM CONTAINS: Pharmaceutical grade magnesium chloride and magnesium sulfate


16oz, 32oz, 1Gal