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Ideal for reef aquariums with herbivores: fish, corals & invertebrates. Contains extra marine algae for herbivores: Tangs, Rabbitfish, Angels and more.

Product # 60208 – 8oz

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Product Features

  • Mimics a natural reef diet triggering an instinctive feeding response
  • Does not contain binders, artificial preservatives, added colors or terrestrial vegetable matter as a source of vitamins
  • Formulated with a premium vitamin pre-mix and probiotics to help promote health, support coloration and increase vitality
  • LOW IN PHOSPHORUS and is processed using RO/DI water, having minimal impact on water quality when used properly
This formula is a blend of the most nutritious ingredients found in the marine environment, with an extra portion of macro and micro algae, and is formulated to satisfy fish, corals and invertebrates. It is a source of energy for your reef providing organic and inorganic nutrients, which meet the unique dietary needs of species rich reef environments.