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Neptune Systems – DOS QD Dosing and Fluid Metering System

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DŌS QuietDrive – Dose. Automate. Protect.

  • New QuietZone Modes for Reduced Noise
  • New Continuous Duty Modes
  • Same Reliable DŌS Hardware
  • Compatible with A2 and A3 Series Apex Controllers


In the most important ways, this is still the same Neptune Systems DŌS that reefers have come to know and love. The Neptune Systems DŌS QuietDrive remains a highly efficient, programmable dosing system designed to work seamlessly with the Neptune Systems Apex Controllers. Ideal for a variety of dosing applications, it offers precise control over dosing volumes and schedules through the easy-to-use Apex Fusion cloud interface. The DŌS QD pump features dual pump heads, large-diameter tubing, and simple maintenance with easy tube replacement. It’s a practical solution for accurate and consistent aquarium dosing, minimizing manual work and maximizing reliability.


So, What’s New with the DŌS QuietDrive?

Quiet Operation: The DŌS QD incorporates EcoTech QuietDrive technology to significantly reduce noise.

  • Up to 400% reduction in noise at high speeds (60/125/250 ml/min)
  • Up to 200% reduction in noise at slow speeds (7/12/25 ml/min)