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Nature’s Ocean – Nutri-Seawater 4.4G – 41 lbs

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Nature’s Ocean Nutri-Seawater 4.4G – 41 lbs (1 unit)


Nutri-Seawater (4.4Gal) is 100% Natural Live Ocean Seawater. Nature’s Ocean Live Nutri-Seawater contains live, naturally-occurring planktonic bacteria, which makes it the best product for monthly water changes in saltwater aquariums.

– Instant Cycling guaranteed. No Waiting…Just Add Fish!
– No need to wait days for the tank water to cycle before adding your fish. Just pour the NutriSeawater in the tank and add your fish in the same day.
– Nutri-Seawater is Naturally Filtered and does not remove or modify what Mother Nature intended.
– Nutri-Seawater reduces the need for additional saltwater treatment products.
– Nutri-SeaWater replaces missing natural LIVE marine bacteria, trace elements and critical nutrients needed to help improve tank water quality.

Not for Human Consumption