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ME Phosphate Concentrate 2 oz

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ME Coral concentrated Phosphate is a high purity and highly concentrated additive for the advanced reefer looking to increase Phosphates.   Phosphate depletion can cause corals and bacteria to starve.  Target Phosphate range is .03-.09 PPM.  It is important to test often before and after using ME PO4 as extremely elevated levels are undesirable causing excessive algae growth.

Product # 88836 – 2 oz

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 Ingredients:  Reverse Osmosis/DI water; Sodium phosphate, Potassium phosphate

Concentration: 10,000 mg/l

Tip: 2 drops in 100 L (26 Gl) system will increase phosphate in system by .01 ppm

Low nutrient systems can become depleted in Phosphate (PO4)  starving  Corals, Bacteria, etc. inhibiting proper growth. Test often: Target Level is .03 to .09 ppm Phosphate or PO4.