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ME MERO Catalytic Carbon Chloramine Remover (Refills A Cartridge)

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This bag is designed to replace the Catalytic Carbon in the MEro 4Stage and Chloramino units.  Each bag will refill a canister.  Remember to flush after replacing carbon.  For best results do not overpack canister.  This causes channeling.  Carbon should be loose in canister.

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Carbon or carbon block filters works well at removing chlorine, however, more and more municipalities are adding ammonia to the water treatment processes to stabilize the Chlorine from releasing harmful by-products into the water. As we all know, ammonia is toxic. The MERO catalytic carbon is a high grade carbon that has the correct properties for removing chloramine from water supplies.  Our catalytic carbon has a high degree of catalytic redox activity, and an extremely high surface area which is necessary for chloramine removal. This carbon is acid washed and pH buffered.  Only the best from ME!