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Magfloat 20 (For Fish Bowls)

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Clean your aquarium glass while keeping your arms dry! The Mag-Float is the ultimate floating magnetic aquarium cleaner made using powerful rare earth neodymium magnets. By dragging the Mag-Float along the outside of your tank, the inner Mag-Float magnet follows, effortlessly scraping off any algae as it goes.

  • Designed for rounded surfaces like globe and fishbowl aquariums
  • Easily removes algae from glass and acrylic surfaces
  • Clean your aquarium without getting your hands wet
  • Inner magnet floats for easy retrieval
  • Large cleaning pad that stays free of debris
  • Made from non-toxic materials
  • Strong, high-quality neodymium rare earth magnets that will not lose strength over time
  • Can be used on freshwater and saltwater tanks


If your inner magnet happens to disconnect from the outer magnet– no worries! The inner magnet will simply float to the top of the aquarium, keeping your hands dry and saving you time in pesky retrievals. Using the float feature, you can easily and efficiently move around tank corners without knocking over decorations or damaging corals and invertebrates.


The Mag-Float cleaning pad remains free of sand and gravel, thus preventing unsightly scratches to your aquarium glass or acrylic. Because it is constructed from toxic-free ABS plastic, you can even leave your Mag-Float attached to your aquarium 24/7, making it a convenient and practical choice.



  • Model: Mag-Float Bowl #00020
  • Compatibility: Round / fishbowl glass & acrylic tanks
  • Rec. Tank Thickness: Up to 3/16”
  • Product Dimensions: 2″ diameter x 1-1/2″ height
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Item #00020

  • Recommend for round aquariums.

  • Surface thickness up to 3/16”

  • Can also be used on acrylic and Glass aquariums.

  •  Product dimensions: (diameter: 2”, height: 1 1/2”)