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LRS – Fertility Frenzy 8 oz.

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The ultimate food for conditioning broodstock!

This blend was under development for months and LRS spared no expense when it came to sourcing ingredients. We have so much research and development in this blend it is likely the most engineered fish food available to hobbyists and breeders.

Some of the key features of this blend include:

  • Increased protein content from nutrient rich marine food sources
  • Increased beneficial DHA fats to help broodstock maintain weight for increased spawns
  • Not one but FOUR strains of active probiotic bacteria which are all used currently in aquaculture with great success
  • Pigmentation enhancers from natural sources for maximum vibrance and coloration including ultra-pure Astaxanthin and natural Beta-Carotene
  • This food is a homogenized blend, meaning it has smaller particles held together with an unflavored gelatin binder. This permits the food to be fed to a wider range of brood stock and uneaten food can be siphoned from the system more easily.
  • A well balanced vitamin and mineral supplement is added to further enhance the overall nutrition of the blend
  • This food was developed with input and guidance from some of the most respected experts in the marine breeding community. These same breeders are using the retail version of the product and getting great results!


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