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Lifegard Turbo Reactor-Medium Side

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Flow Aquarium Filter, 150-gal

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  • Spiral flow maximizes media contact time to quickly improve water quality.
  • Rub bio-pellets of all shapes and sizes, GFO, carbon and more, includes diffuser plates and 2 pieces of foam for GFO and fine filter media.
  • Easy to maintain, top cover can be unscrewed and opened for full access.
  • Clear acrylic design.
  • Perfect for targeted filtration.
The Lifegard Turbo Reactor-Medium Side Flow Aquarium Filter has a unique high flow spinning action to quickly improve the water quality in your aquarium. The internal mechanism provides an anti-clumping spiral flow that maximizes the media contact time and the flow through the media. That results in a faster chemical and biological filtration to quickly remove nitrates, phosphates, slime algae and other nuisance algae from your saltwater or freshwater aquarium. If you want to change, add or mix media, you can just unscrew the plastic screws to remove the top cover and open it up for full access. It’s a perfect choice for targeted filtration.

Item Number 890526
Weight 3 pounds
Dimensions 6.3 x 4.13 x 15.43 inches
Sourced From China
Made In China
Aquarium Type Freshwater
Capacity (Max)† 75 to 150 allons
Fish Type Marine Fish, Tropical Freshwater
Material Plastic, Nylon