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Lifegard – Prefilter Pad 24″x15″

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Product # 270835 – 24″x15″

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Lifegard Prefilters and Felt pads work really well in sumps and overflows. By placing a pad in between sump baffles or any place that water is channeled through the pad, it will allow the pad to collect floating detritus and other particles in the water column.

Dimensions – 24 x 15 in.

Filter pads make a great addition to any mechanical filtration system. They are easy to remove and replace. Most of the time you will need to cut them to size since you do want them to channel the water through the filter pad and not around it. The rate at which the pads clog will depend on how much you feed, the amount of waste fish produce and overall other filtration equipment. We suggest treating filter pads exactly like filter socks and changing out every few days to keep nutrients from breaking down into the water column