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ISTA – Solid Glue

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ISTA Solid Glue

✔️Low melting temperature
✔️Nontoxic for the aquarium
✔️Easy to be reused
✔️Cab be used in both fresh water and salt water

Product # 862

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How to use:

Put the ISTA Solid Glue into hot water around 50 Degrees Celsius/120Degrees Fahrenheit (do not use with over-heated water).  The glue will change from white to clear.  When the color changes, you can form the glue into any shape and use to bond the corals and hard-scapes.  When the glue cools down, it will turn white again.  It takes about 10-15 minutes.  If necessary, you can reheat and reuse the ISTA Solid Glue as many times as you need to.