ISTA – Professional Plants LED Light 18″

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Quick Overview

  • Meets the spectrum that water plants need for photosynthesis.
  • Effectively boosts photosynthetic process.
  • Increases anthocyanidin and chlorophyll.

Item #00528 – 18″ Long


Product Description


  • New inverted high color rendering index (CRI), with color mixing technique and optical calculation, the LED bulb has over Ra95, very close to the natural light source.
  • High luminance, twice brighter than regular lights and only consumes half of electricity.
  • Alloy aluminum anodic cover and side cover, with heat sink design to lower down the temperature and prolong usage time.  Only 4% luminous decay after using 6,000 hours.
  • Internal stabilizer and modular design, easy to repair and maintain.
  • Light angle 150 degrees, uniform lighting with no light beam or Vignette.




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