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IceCap Mobile Phone Stackable Filter Lens Kit

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  • Fits Most Smartphones
  • Durable Glass Lens Filters
  • Soft Grip Surface Clip Padding
  • Includes Protective Travel Case
  • 4 Stackable 52mm Lenses: Macro +10 Lens, 20K Filter(Yellow), 15K Filter(Orange), CPL Anti-Glare Filter(Clear)
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Capture the True Beauty of Reef Aquariums with Your Mobile Device

The IceCap Stackable Multi-lens Filter Kit is a versatile camera accessory that comes with a large 52MM lens clip. It includes four distinct lenses, each with its own effect, to help you capture the true beauty and color of marine aquariums. With this kit, you can easily switch between the different lenses to achieve your desired result. The kit contains a 20k and a 15k color filter that helps remove the overabundance of blue light. The CPL lens is an anti-glare lens that helps prevent photo distortion from the bright lights over the aquarium. Additionally, the Macro Lens allows you to get up-close and personal with the photo subject to capture it in detail.