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Aquamai – Wave Maker KPM

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KPm is the IOT pumps of Aqamai designed for the reef aquarium.
KPm, excellent in performance and compact in size, is the smallest in its category.
Wide and gentle flow respecting LPS and SPS corals. Silicon patented DMSS support (Dual Magnet Support System) to easily orientate the pump.
Full functionality management through the Aqamai App via WiFi.

Product # 01224 – Q01021

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DIMENSIONS: 65 x 67 mm (2.55 x 2.64 in)
FLOW RANGE: 4500 – 10500 L per hour (1150 – 2700 gph)
WATTAGE: 12 – 25 Watts
GLASS THICKNESS: Up to 20 mm (0.78 in)
TANK SIZE RANGE: 200 – 500 L (50 – 125 gal)



the pump works by regualating a constant steam according to the percentage set in the pad.


the pump operates by adjusting its flow alternating, according to selected frequency ranges, the minimum value.


the pump varies its power between the percentage values min/max selected. Starting from the minimun value it get to maximum value and reaches fluidly back to the minimum value, thus restarting the cycle. Time is random.


the pump varies its power between the percentage values min/max selected according to random flow and random time.


this program works as the costant flow and allows, in the daily programming, to be set for a time under 30 minutes. Ideal to lower or turn off the flow during the feeding time.


this program works as constant flow and introduces energy saving for a reduce waste during the night.