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Hikari – Rio Pump 1100

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We are pleased to reintroduce Rio+ to the US market. After a long absence Rio+ brings you new packaging, improved energy efficiency, more power and extremely reliable performance. For any water movement application, you cannot go wrong choosing Rio+. Best of all we have parts available for all the past Rio purchasers who want to keep their pumps at peak performance!

Product #R27008

#R27008 ®Rio+ 1100 UL 382 GPH (1451 LPH) Up to 61 gal (230L)
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Powerful Performance

  • Energy efficient
  • Compact and quiet design
  • Durable ceramic shaft and bushing
  • Adjustable flow for maximum flexibility

Versatile Application

  • Optional needle wheel conversion for ultra fine bubbles
  • Optional magnetic mount
  • Suitable for use in:
    • Freshwater or saltwater tanks
    • Fountains, water features, and waterfalls
    • Wet/dry filtration systems, protein skimmers, and sumps
    • Under gravel filtration