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Hikari BioBandage “Lite”

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Developed For Use With Aquarium & Pond Fish To Enhance The Efficiency Of Treatment Regimes

Product # 72114 – 4 fl oz (treats 960 gallons)

Product # 72116 – 16 fl oz (treats 3,840 gal)

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  • Adds a protective skin slime that can reduce bacterial or parasitic attacks
  • Enhances bath treatments
  • Vitamin-Enriched
  • Helps reduce fish loss during transportation


  • Can help improve treatment efficacy
  • Improves medications adhesion at wounded areas
  • Helps speed would healing
  • Can reduce treatment times
  • Helps detoxify heavy metals (unchelated)
  • Highly effective when used with dye-type treatments, antibacterial treatments

4 fl oz, 16 fl oz, 1 Gal