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EcoTech – VorTech MP40wQD Driver

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ET – MP40wQD Replacment Driver

Driver upgrade or replacement for the VorTech pumps from EcoTech.  Convert your VorTech EcoSmart controlled pumps to the latest in noise-reduction technology with the QuietDrive driver! Also can be used to replace a damaged or faulty driver on your VorTech QuietDrive.



  • Controllability – 6+ available operational modes including Auto-Tune, Feed Mode, and Night Mode
  • Quiet – Up to 90% less motor noise
  • Compatability – Wireless models communicate with existing WWD and wireless EcoSmart pumps, and are fully compatible with EcoSmart Live via the ReefLink


What’s in the box?

  • QuietDrive face plate
  • QuietDrive back plate
  • QuietDrive board
  • Velcro mounting tape
  • Assembly hardware
  • QuietDrive control knob


Special Note: Replacement Drivers do not include wireless chip.  Must use wireless chip from old driver, or purchase separately.