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Dr. Tim’s Reptile Systems Ceramic Reptile Clamp Lamp, Black

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  • Multidirectional clamp makes lamp easy to adjust and fasten.
  • Reflective dome is made of heavy-gauge aluminum with a sleek black finish.
  • Includes a protective mesh cover that is also detachable.
  • Bulb fitting is ceramic and heat-resistant.
  • Design features an in-line on/off switch for easy use.


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For long-lasting easy to use habitat lighting, equip your pet’s enclosure with the Reptile Systems Ceramic Reptile Clamp Lamp! This system features a multidirectional clamp, with a hook for easy hanging, so you can easily mount your lamp and adjust its angle. For safety and durability, it includes a ceramic bulb fitting, detachable protective mesh cover, and heavy duty aluminum reflective dome which increases light and UV output. It is also super easy to turn on or off, thanks to the in-line switch. This Reptile Systems model is the way to go if you’re looking for user-friendly lighting for your reptilian roommate’s home!