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Dr. Tim’s – Clear-up for Saltwater

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Treat Cloudy Aquarium Water

Use DrTim’s Clear-UP Natural Water Clarifier to Clear Up Your Tank

Product # 241

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Clear-UP Natural Water Clarifier helps:

  • Clear up cloudy white water
  • Natural flocculent
  • Beneficial bacteria can ‘floc’ small particles from water
  • Clear water without harmful chemicals
  • No odor
  • 100% natural

Clear-UP Natural Water Clarifier is used to clear up cloudy white aquarium water without harmful chemicals. Clear-UP is a natural flocculant that causes small particles to be attached to each other, becoming a bigger particle that can be filtered out of the water..

Other clarifiers are made with alum (which contains aluminum) or polyacrylamide, a potentially toxic chemical. Clear-UP does not contain any chemicals.



Product Bottle Size (oz) 2 4 8 16 32 64 128
Amount of Water Treated (gal) 120 240 480 960 1920 3840 7680
Amount of Water Treated (L) 454 908 1817 3634 7267 14534 29069