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Dr. Tim’s Aquacleanse – Saltwater

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Remove Toxic Chemicals in Your Tank
Use DrTim’s AquaCleanse Tapwater Detoxifier During Routine Water Changes

Product # 212

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Use AquaCleanse Tapwater Detoxifier to:

  • Eliminate common chemicals in tapwater
  • Remove chlorine, chloramines and ammonia
  • Instantly detoxify tap water
  • Dextoxify water with no odor

Most tap water contains considerable amounts of chlorine, chloramines and/or ammonia. These chemicals make the water safe to drink by preventing micro-organisms from growing in the drinking water. But these chemicals are toxic to fish, corals and other invertebrates and must be removed before placing animals in your aquarium.

Unlike some products that only mask these chemicals AquaCleanse destroys them – completely removing these harmful chemicals from the water with no unpleasant odor!



Product Bottle Size (oz) 2 4 8 16 32 64 128
Amount of Water Treated (gal) 120 240 480 960 1920 3840 7680
Amount of Water Treated (L) 454 908 1817 3634 7267 14534 29069