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ME DI RESIN refill in Bag 1.2lbs

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MERO Premium Blend DI Resin bags come with 1.2 Lbs of Color Indicating Mixed Bed Deionization (D.I.) Resin designed for ME.
A typical cartridge takes aprox 1.0 lbs to fill.  Pack cartridge tightly.

Product # 88823

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Replace the DI resin in your RODI system when we no longer read  zero TDS coming out of your system. ME DI resin will also work in any RO/DI system with a 10×2 refillable filter shell.
• Virgin Resin
• Color-Indicating
• Made in the USA for Qulaity
• 18 Mega Ohm Resistivity
• Nuclear Grade
• Color Change goes from Dark Blue and exhausts to a Rust color.
• Strong Acid Strong Base Resin