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CaribSea – African Cichlid Mix – White Sand

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Typical Size: 0.5 – 1.5mm
Average Density: 73 pounds per cubic foot
Item: 20 lb bag (00226) – Sold by the Case ONLY – 2/CASE

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Offered in seven varieties to suit every aquarist’s taste. CaribSea’s African Cichlid substrates can help recreate a variety of environments. Rift Lake Authentic™ is a typical Mbuna setup while Sahara Sand™ is ideal for nesting featherfins. The African Cichlid Mix™ Original is great in just about any application! The bold colors of all the Cichlid Mixes encourage the vibrant, natural coloration of your fish. CaribSea’s Cichlid products naturally buffer for the life of the aquarium simplifying the process of matching water quality parameters to the Great Rift Lakes of Africa. African Cichlid Mixes™ also resist the eventual downward drift of pH in long established or crowded systems. Seasoned hobbyists and beginners alike appreciate the ease of maintaining water quality as much as the beauty of these substrates.