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Aquavitro – Division Skimmer 125

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  • For Aquariums up to 125 Gals/1475 liters
  • Simple Start up
  • Easy Maintenance

Product # 7200

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  1. Height Based Drain Regulation

Most adjustable and consistent design for drain of skimmer.
Other designs use constriction via valves which causes instability in the column
2. Innovative Silencer Design
Versatile and highly effective air
silencer design means a super quiet intake that can be placed anywhere
3. Additional Pump Option
Easily add on a second pump for more flow and additional surface area contact time.
Increase skimming efficiency by up to 30%
4. Complete Micro Bubble Removal
No micro bubble released into the aquarium to irritate corals
5. Anti-Vibration O-rings and Rubber Feet

Additional sound-dampening features assist in silent skimmer operation
6. High Drain Point Allows for no resistance and a more stable level in the
skimmer vs bottom draining designs
7. Cylindrical Column Provides a longer path with more contact time for
bubbles than with conical designs. This results in higher skimate volume and
8. Air Flow and Water Flow Versatility Air and Water amounts can be
adjusted independently
9. Operation is independent of water level in sump

Variations in sump water level don’t impact the function of the skimmery
division 125
5. External Pump
Allows for higher column volume with more contact time and surface area. Allows for
easy maintenance of the pump at anytime.
10. 50/50 Air to Water Balance Optimal efficiency in skimmer input Allows for easy
maintenance of the pump at anytime.

11. Unique Collection Cup Design Polycarbonate design with molded handle and optional drain make for a versatile, highly durable collection cup.