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Aquael Versa Garden Hydroponics Plus

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Product Description

A novelty from Aquael that creates green interior and exterior walls! The innovative VERSA GARDEN modules can be used to create green walls on facades, fences, shower walls, room dividers and much more. It is also a great tool for plant-loving aquarium and terrarium owners.


  • Combine the individual modules as per as your design or space requirements – from very narrow to unlimited
  • Easy to install with the wall plugs that are included in the delivery and can be installed easily without specialised knowledge
  • Easy plant care thanks to the network of irrigation tubes that evenly waters all plants in the entire module

The modular system consists of interconnected trays for plant pots. Each module can accommodate 12 standard pots with a height of 90 mm and a diameter of 120 mm. Excess water collects in a pan at the bottom and the bowls are also equipped with overflow channels.

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