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Aquael – Ultraslim 90 – 90W

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Aquael – Ultraslim 90 – 90W


Aquarium, intelligent led lamp, controlled by a dedicated application for smartphone and tablet. Suitable for all types of open tanks. It is characterized by high light parameters, attracts attention with modern design. Minimalist and visually light.

Light is an essential factor for the functioning of aquatic fauna and flora. In the natural environment, the sun is the source of light necessary for the photosynthesis of plants and the regulation of animal life processes. In an aquarium, these important, life-giving functions are performed by the light emitted by the lamps. Therefore, both the selection of appropriate lighting as well as proper planning of the lighting cycle of the tank are of colossal importance for the well-being of living organisms inhabiting it.

Spectrum of possibilities

Ultra Slim BT is an aquarium led lamp, equipped with 5 lighting modes, thanks to which it can be used in all types of open tanks.

  • SUNNY is the basic mode, characterized by the emission of the strongest light of the lamp. It is dedicated to illuminating a freshwater aquarium during the day.
  • DAYBREAK is a mode characterized by reduced lighting power – up to 50% compared to what SUNNY mode offers. It works well as the first mode after the night and when feeding fish – especially skittish ones.
  • NIGHT is an atmospheric blue glow that allows you to observe the nightlife of the aquarium.
  • MARINE – lighting mode dedicated to marine tanks, which is also great for decorative aquariums with fish from Lake Malawi and Lake Tangniki.
  • PLANT – is a mode designed for typically plant tanks, which stimulates their growth at every stage: from seedling to flowering. Ideal for demanding Dutch aquariums with a variety of vegetation.

Ultra Slim BT can easily adapt to the dimensions of your aquarium. If you have a tank of non-standard size, UltraSlim should attract your attention all the more. You can choose one of 3 lamp size variants, with lengths: 11.8, 23.6 and 35.4 inch  [30, 60 and 90 cm] or create an individual lighting module by hanging the lamps side by side. Ultra Slim BT also has 2 mounting options: you can hang it above the aquarium on steel cables or attach it to the edges of the tank using an adjustable rack equipped with transparent guides.

Energy efficiency and safety

Depending on the size, the Ultra Slim BT BT has 4, 8 and 12 spotlights, each equipped with 38 modern LEDs, with high efficiency >130lm/W. The LEDs emit much more light than a traditional fluorescent lamp, while consuming about 50% less electricity. A factor additionally affecting the energy efficiency, and the reliability and quietness of the lamp’s operation, is the passive cooling system used. Using its design, the lamp effectively dissipates excess heat and does not need additional cooling sources such as fans. Like other Aquael products, Ultra Slim BT guarantees a high standard of safety of use. The lamp is powered by a safe working voltage of 24 V, which does not pose any threat to human life and health. Ultra Slim BT will remain safe even in the event of short-term immersion in water, which is guaranteed by its IPX7 waterproof rating.

Design for Aquarist

Ultra Slim BT, in addition to high light parameters, will certainly attract attention with its modern, minimalist design. Made of a single brushed aluminum plate, the housing is only 0.7 inch [17 mm] thick, which makes the lamp extremely light visually. Ultra Slim BT mounted above the tank looks as if it levitates above it, which additionally directs the attention of observers to the arrangement of the aquarium. Available lighting modes, apart from functions strictly related to maintaining the collection, also allow you to create the desired mood in the room.

In harmony with the natural rhythm

The Ultra Slim BT lamp is another Aquael product that aims to help in the best possible reproduction of natural living conditions in the aquarium environment. Thanks to the SUNNY DAY-BREAK and NIGHT modes, it is possible to recreate in the aquarium a circadian cycle close to natural ones, important for the proper functioning and development of living organisms.

Lamp control via smartphone and tablet app

You have remote control over the lighting of your aquarium thanks to  the

Aquael BT

app. It allows you to communicate with the UltraSlim lamp via mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet, using Bluetooth technology. The application allows remote adjustment of lighting parameters – such as intensity, color temperature or lighting time – to individual tank requirements. It is also possible to control several UltraSlim lamps or share access by other people. Aquael BT can be protected with a PIN code.

In harmony with the natural rhythm

Aquael BT also allows you to create your own lighting schedules that meet the individual requirements of fish and plants. With its help, you can also program cycles that mimic natural changes of light during the day, such as dawn and dusk. The lighting gradually brightens, simulating morning and dawn, which allows fish and plants to smoothly transition from night to day mode. Similarly, during dusk – the light gradually extinguishes, imitating the natural process of setting the sun. The gradualness and fluidity of light changes create not only a more visually natural climate in the aquarium, but also favorably affect living organisms. Thanks to them, fish and plants can adapt to changing light conditions without stress, which positively affects their well-being.

Aquarium width [in / cm] 34.6 – 52.5 / 87.9 – 133.4
Power [W] 90
Dimensions [in / cm] (width x depth x height) 34.4 x 9.9 x 0.7 / 87,4 x 25,2 x 1,7
Lumens 11700
Color temperature [K] 7000 – 10000