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Aquael – Shrimp Set 30 – 7.9 Gal

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Aquael – Shrimp Set – 30 gallon black

Day and Night

Stylish and complete aquarium set providing ideal conditions for breeding plants, shrimp and small fish.

The set includes: aquarium, light, filter internal and heater.

Aquarium capacity [US gal / L] – 7.9 / 30

Dimensions [in / cm] (width x depth x height) – 11.4 x 11.4 x 13.8 / 29 x 29 x 35

Lighting – Leddy Smart Day & Night 4,8W

Filter – Turbo Mini

Heater – 50W

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The Shrimp Set Day & Night set  includes: aquarium (available in 3 capacities: 3, 5 and 8 US gal [10, 19 and 30 liters] ), Leddy Smart Day & Night light, filter Turbo Mini and Fix 2 heater.

The Turbo Mini filter  provides mechanical and  biological filtration and aeration of water. It is user-friendly – it is easy to adjust its efficiency and water jet analysis.

About Leddy Smart Day & Night Light offers a choice of three lighting modes that provide optimal lighting for the aquarium at different times of the day. Daytime lighting consists of two modes: Day and Daybreak, which provide different light intensity.  Night mode is a night light that allows oli to observe the life of the aquarium after dark. Thanks to it, fluorescent fish and decorations glow in the dark, and the aquarium resembles an effective bedside lamp.  It is also worth paying attention to the minimalist design of the lamp, perfectly matching the  whole set. LED lamps (4.8 W) are also very energy-efficient, which translates into lower electricity bills.

A stable temperature in the aquarium will  be ensured by a fully automatic Fix 2. Thanks to the  Smart Heating System, the device can maintain a constant temperature of 77 °F [25ºC], with a precision of up to ±33 °F [±0.5ºC]. The system independently selects the heating power, so you do not have to worry about setting and adjusting the device.

Modern design

Shrimp Set Day & Night is a functional set characterized by a modern, raw design. The aquarium together with the lid forms a minimalist glass cube, which, due to its small size, can become a stylish decoration of even small rooms.