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Aquael – Leddy Slim Actinic (white)

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  • ASTHEATIC APPEARANCE – LEDDY SLIM Aquarium lights are optimized for use in open aquariums. The SUNNY and PLANT versions are suited for freshwater tanks, while the MARINE and ACTINIC versions work best for marine environments. The LEDDY SLIM lighting fixtures can also be used in tanks of various sizes, including custom-length aquariums
  • NATURAL LIGHTING – LEDDY SLIM delivers proper lighting of the aquarium, granting excellent living conditions for its inhabitants, and creates a unique visual effect. The light also gives a boost to the growth of plants or corals (depending on model) and faithfully renders the natural colors of the aquarium.
  • MODERN LED DESIGN – The futuristic flat design, sleek color, and ultra-low profile LEDs make the LEDDY SLIM collection the perfect addition to all aquariums.
  • SELF-REPAIRING – If an individual LED diode stops working, the neighboring diodes take over and emit light with an increased power. Thus, the lamp continues to operate properly, and the light power and parameters remain unchanged.
  • DURABLE & EASY MAINTENENCE- The sliding brackets allow for secure mounting on aquariums of different lengths, including custom-sized aquariums. The lights are made of corrosion-resistant, easy-to-clean glass.

32w(30"-40"), 36w(40"-48")